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She Was A Mystery And When I Found Out Why, I Fell For Her
Ritesh Srivastava
The Tabiz Wasn't Magical, My Mom Was
Poonam Budania
I Went On A Date With My First Tinder Match; I Had Different Expectations
Rithwik Singh
I Fell In Love With Her When I First Saw Her; This Is My Story.
Amandeep Singh
Be It 1992 or 2017, Fathers Are Always The Same
Shivani Khanna
How I Fulfilled My Father's Dream Of Joining The Indian Army
Gaurav Tripathi

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And that day I bought a ring on Amazon and married myself
Priyanka Deo
An Ode To My Badass Grandmother
Aishwarya Mohanraj
You're a comedian, Sahil. How does depression affect you?
Sahil Shah
It takes a lot to be in the front and take a bullet for your country and my father did exactly that
Diksha Dwivedi
When we broke up my brother got into his mind that she was now his girlfriend
Jarrod Walczer
It took me 2 years to realize my vagina is just an organ
Ambika Chandra

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